Ujian Nasional 2012

Rahmat Kurniawan on Simple English Exercise

Complete and Answer it…!!!

“Would you like to buy a box of matchsticks, mister ?” the little girl asked. The man ___1___ she approached did not even ___2___ to answer her. He shuffled ___3___ in his great coat, eager to get home ___4___ his cosy fireplace.

The girl was shivering ___5___ the cold. It had been ___6___ continuously for the past two days. The girl’s shoes, ___7___ were already thin were thoroughly soaked. Yet, her sweet, angelic ___8___ did not lose ___9___ innocent smile. It only made her ___10___ more pathetic when she knitted her brows sometimes. Her feet ___11___ sore with painful chilblains.

Someone shouted, “Watch ___12___, girl !”

It was too ___13___ ! The coach ws going too fast and the ___14___ had not seen her earlier. There was barely enough ___15___ for the little girl to take a step back. In her hurry to get to ___16___, the basket of matchsticks fell ___17___ the snow.

She ___18___ them up, wet and dirty from a puddle of melted snow. The matchstick couldn’t be used now. as she began to make her way ___19___, she realised that she had lost ___20___ of her shoes in the snow.


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