Rahmat Kurniawan on Error Analysis

1. Passenger    : Can you set the volume of the radio up a bit please?


Driver           : Of course. Why?


Passenger    : I listen to the weather forecast. It’s urgent.

C                                                             D

2. Students      : Can I use this spanner to remove the car wheels?

A                                   B

Mechanic    : No, you can’t, you will use the bigger one.

C                                D

3. Caller               : Is this “ BEC sumpiuh” college?


Receptionist   : Yes, that’s right. Which program are you going to take, please?


Caller               : Let me choosing two programs for Sunday morning meeting and private class, please!

C                                                                             D

4. Agent           : “BEC” Travel. What can we do?

Traveler       : I have reserved four flight tickets, GAI to USA taking off at 8 am next week. But because of my wife’s business,

Can I cancel one ticket?                                                  A                             B

Agent           : I’m sorry you can’t. So you’ll take the three tickets. Under what name was the reservation?

C                                                                                                                  D

5. Siti                 : I wished I did the job training abroad. It would have improved my English communication skills.

A                                                                               B

Vitri               : Why didn’t you do that?


Siti                 : I was late. When I came to register, it had been closed.

C                                                                         D

6. Teacher       : Why is this classroom very dirty? Didn’t you clean it this morning?

A                                      B

Students      : We clean it, sir. But our shoes are dirty as it rained heavily last night.

C                                            D

7. Man              : What’s your plan to anticipate the raise of prices?


Woman        : I still wait for the government policy. After everything is clear, I’ll do business again with some adjustment.

B                                                                                                                  C

Man              : Well, me too.


8. Manager      : Why are you going to resign?


Staff              : My husband wants me to concentrate on taking care of the children.


Manager      : If I may give you a question, you should think if it over and over. Discuss all consequences with him.

C                                D

9. Instructor    : May one of you switch on the light, please?

A                                                B

Student        : Which switch, sir?


Instructor    : The one to the left side of the door.


10. Sinta             : Can you tell me your daily activities, please?

Andika          : I usually come back from school at 3 p. m. after I come home, I have rest, watching TV while having lunch and

A                   B                                                                                                                       C

Review the lessons from my teacher. And then I help my parent to clean the house.


Sinta             : Do you still have time to join our English Club at BEC before go home?


11. Miss. Jane    : Traveling is interesting, doesn’t it?


Reni              : Have you travelled around the world?


Miss. Jane    : No, but I have travelled almost all over the city in Indonesia.

C                                D

12. Caller            : Would you like to speak to the Personnel Manager, please? I’m from ALMOS advertising.

A                                                                                            B

Operator     : He isn’t in. Would you like to leave a message?

C                    D

13. Reporter      : What made the climbers fail to reach the peak of the Mount Everest?

A                                   B

Climber        : We failed to reach the peak of the mountain dues of terribly cold weather.

C                                   D

14. Isma              : English is easy, Don’t you think so?

A          B

Opik              : I think so. My friends and I always get bad mark. How can you say so?

C                                                                                                            D

15. Manager      : The sales of our products are decreasing this year.


Director       : So, what is your plan to solve the problem?


Manager      : First, we promote our products more intensively, and then we are going to improve the quality of them too.

C                                                                                                                                              D

16. Student        : Madam, what faculty should I take in the university?


Counselor    : You’d better to choose the one that you’re most interested in.

B                                                          C

Student        : I like Information Technology, but the passing grade is very high.


17. Gandhis        : Do you plan to go to your home town in the next vacation?

A                                         B

Nizar             : Well, I don’t know. Tickets fares are very expensive today.


Gandhis        : I will drive if I were you.


18. Lawyer 1 : Personally, do you agree with the death sentences?


Lawyer 2 : No, I disagree at all. Why? Because if it is found that the verdict is wrong, it will impossible for us to

B                                                                 C                                                                             D

rehabilitate the accused.


19. Walkerboss  : My hobby is playing badminton, sir.


Interviewer    : Are you good at it? Have you ever been a champion?

B                                            C

Walkerboss     : I was the first winner for man single at the Senior High School.


20. Iik                 : I’m sorry, I cannot leave now. I have to attend the English course, first. We finish by 5 o’clock.

A                                                                         B

Sari            : Don’t worry. I will wait you until you’ve finished it.

C                                                                         D

Iik              : Thanks. You’re real friend.



  1. i think if make exercises like that must be completed

  2. dont forget make more chalanging

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