Part A DIRECTIONS Questions 1-15 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked A,B,C,D. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen. Fill in the space so that the letter inside the oval cannot be seen.

1.The attorney told his client that _________________________A. They had little chance of winning the case.
B. The case was of a small chance to win
C. It was nearly impossible to win him the case.
D. The case had a minimum chance to be won by him.

2.One of the professor’s greatest attributes is _______________

A. when he gives lectures
B. how in the manner that he lectures
C. the way to give lectures
D. his ability to lecture

3.The bank sent a notice to its customers which contained _______________

A. a remembrance that interest rate were to raise the following month
B. a reminder that a raise in interest rates was the month following
C. to remember that interest rates were going up next month
D. a reminder that interest rates would rise the following month.

4.______________ was the day before yesterday.

A. The France’s Independence Day
B. The day of the French independence
C. French’s Independence Day
D. France’s Independence Day

5.It was not until she had arrived home ______________ remembered her appointment with the doctor.

A. when she
B. that she
C. and she
D. she

6.George would certainly have attended the proceedings ________________

A. if he didn’t get a flat tire
B. if the flat tire hadn’t happended.
C. had he not had a flat tire
D. had the tire not flattened itself.

7._______________ received law degrees as today.

A. Never so many women have
B. Never have so many women
C. The women aren’t ever
D. Women who have never

8.The students liked that professor’s course because _____________________

A. there was few if any homework
B. not a lot of homework
C. of there wasn’t a great amount of homework
D. there was little or no homework.

9.George ______________ he could improve his test scores, but he didn’t have enough time to study.

A. knew to
B. knew how
C. knew how that
D. knew how to

10.   _________________ he would have come to class.

A. If Mike is able to finish his homework
B. Would Mike be able to finish his homework
C. If Mike could finish his homework
D. If Mike had been able to finish his homework.

11.  Lee contributed fifty dollars, but he wishes he could contribute _______________

A. one other fifty dollars
B. the same amount also
C. another fifty
D. more fifty dollars

12.  The people at the party were worried about Janet because no one was aware _____________ she had gone.

A. where that
B. of where
C. of the place where
D. the place

13.  Fred’s yearly income since he changed professions has _________________

A. nearly tripled
B. got almost three times bigger
C. almost grown by three times
D. just about gone up three times

14.  Nancy hasn’t begun working on her Ph.D, ________________ working on her master’s.

A. still because she is yet
B. yet as a result she is still
C. yet because she is still
D. still while she is already

15.  The director of this organization must know _____________________

A. money management, selling, and able to satisfy the stockholders
B. how to manage money, selling his product, and be able to satisfy the stockholders
C. how to manage money, sell his product, and satisfy the stockholders
D. money management, selling, the idea of being able to satisfy the stockholders.


Part B DIRECTIONS Questions 16-45 are grammatical sections. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked A,B,C,D. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the grammar. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

16.  If she ___________ about his financial situation, she would have helped him out.

a.Knew                           b. had been knowing               c. had known              d. have known

17.  I’ll ______________ their cat while they are away on holiday.

a.be looking in                b. to be looking                        c. at be looking            d. after be looking over

18.  He made his children ______ their homework every afternoon.

a. do                                  b. to do                                    c. studied                     d. to study

19.  The test was ____ difficult she had problems finishing it on time.

a. such                              b. a                                          c. as                            d. so

20.  By the time she arrives, we ________________ our homework.

a. finish will                        b. have finished                       c. will finish                  d. were finished

21.  She _________________ lunch by the time we arrived.

a. had finished                   b. finished                                c. have finished           d. finishing

22.  The sun ______ at 9 last night.

a. sat                                 b. settled                                  c. set                           d. was setting

23.  When I stopped __________ to Mary, she was picking some flowers in her garden.

a. speaking                        b. speak                                  c. to speak                  d. spoke

24.  Despite ______________ hard, he failed the exam.

a. he studied                      b. he has studied                     c. studying                   d. study

25.  That room _______________ for a meeting today.

a. is used                           b. is being used                       c. used                        d. is using

26.  We ____________ tennis every day when we were young.

a. use to play                     b. would play                           c. were playing            d. were used to play

27.  If I __________ you, I would wait a while to begin investing.

a. was                                b. am                                       c. were                        d. would be

28.  He’ll give you a call as soon as he __________.

a. will arrive                       b. arrives                                 c. is arriving                 d. is going to arrive

29.  I really didn’t want to come last night. _______.

a. So do I                           b. Neither do I                         c. Neither I did             d. Neither did I

30.  Tom said, ‘I want to visit my friends this weekend.’

a.  Tom said he wants to visit his friends that weekend.

b.  Tom said he wanted to visit his friends that weekend.

c.  Tom said he wanted to visit his friends this weekend.

31.  Jerry said, ‘I’m studying English a lot at the moment.

a. Jerry said he was studying English a lot at that moment.

b. Jerry said he was studying English a lot at the moment.

c. Jerry said I was studying English a lot at that moment.

32.  He asked me, ‘Have you finished reading the newspaper?’

a. He asked me if had I finished reading the newspaper.

b. He asked me if I had finished reading the newspaper.

c. He asked me if I finished reading the newspaper.

33.  You should speak to Peter ____ is responsible for company relations abroad

a. who                               b. whose                      c. whom                      d. what

34.  Smith House, _____ was built in 1756, is an important local monument.

a. that                                b. which                       c. who                         d. whom

35.  He came for the weekend wearing only some shorts and a t-shirt, _____ was a stupid thing to do.

a. That                               b. who                         c. which                       d. whose

36.  Frank Smith, ____ son works for us, can provide an estimate.

a. who                               b. which                       c. whose                      d. where

37.  They attended Peterson University in Four Square _____ the population is less than 50,000.

a. who                               b. which                       c. where                      d. how

38.  The young man _____ is standing on the corner works at the supermarket.

a. Whose                           b. who                         c. which                       d. why

39.  They ____ been waiting for more than three hours.

a. Were                             b. has                          c. have                                    d. did

40.  She ____ have finished the work by the time you get back.

a. does                              b. is                              c. had                          d. will

41.  We ______ sitting on the beach this time next week.

a. are                                 b. will be                      c. will have                  d. are going to

42.  When Jack was at school, he _____ (learn) to play the saxophone. He _____ (play) it ever since.

a. has learned – has played                                               b. learned – has played           c. learned – played

43.  Could you give me some advice? I _____ (buy) this sweater at Macy’s yesterday. Do you think I should take it back?

a. bought                           b. have bought            c. buyed                      d. buying

44.  I haven’t seen her for ages. -> The _____ was 15 years ago

a.last time we saw                     b. latest time I saw her            c. last time I saw her   d. last saw

45.  I didn’t understand what he was saying because I hadn’t read his book. -> If I had read his book, I _____ what he was saying.

a. would understand                                c. would have understood

b. would had understood             d. would has understood


Part C DIRECTIONS Questions 46-50 are vocabularies. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked A,B,C,D. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the vocabs of sentences. Then, on your answer sheet, find the number of the question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

Water pollution is really a problem for all people to solve. Solution to the problem….(46)…. people to demonstrate their quality as responsible citizens. Individuals as well as their industries….(47)….that they should not do anything….(48)….to the problem. They must handle wastes properly. They must not….(49)….harmful substances, including chemical wastes, into the river or other public waterways. Furthermore, it is….(50)….that everyone fully understands the importance of recycling rubbish.

46.   a. makes                                                  d. brings

b. helps                                                     e. requires

c. encourages

47.   a. will realize                                             d. are realized

b. could realize                                         e. has realized

c. must realize

48.   a. contributing                                          d. is contributing

b. to contribute                                         e. is contributed

c. contributes

49.   a. pollute                                                   d. keep

b. waste                                                    e. store

c. dump

50.   a. accepted                                              d. cleared

b. welcomed                                            e. accounted

c. expected

Part D: Question 51 – 60 are Incomplete Dialogues.

51.  Dian           :  You look sad. What has happened to you?

Dipta         :  My father lost his crops. Insects eat them up.

Dian          :  What is he going to do now?

Dipta         :  ….His brother has given him capital so start with.

a.He plans to have another business

b.He has nothing to do

c.He is retired from his job

d.He promises not to plant anything

e.He has no idea what to do

52.  Fitria          :  What would you like to drink, tea or coffee?

Helly         : Actually I drink both, but I….tea….coffee now.

a. prefer – than       b. like – thanp     c. refer – towould    d.rather – to       e.choose – better than

53.   A   :  Why don’t you try to find a job in factory?

With the money you earn, you can buy things you need

B   :  If I worked in a factory. I wouldn’t have much time to study.

What does the underlined sentence mean?

a. B works hard in a factory.

b. A allows B to work in a factory.

c. B didn’t work in a factory.

d. B worked in a factory.

e. B doesn’t work in a factory.

54.  Ida             : Do you have spare time this evening, Sofia?

Sofia         : Yes, I think so, why?

Ida            : My father wants to have a party for his success in getting the project.

Can you come to my house?

Sofia         : …. What time will the party start?

Ida            : At 7 p.m.

a. I appreciate it

b. I don’t want to

c. I’d love to but

d. That sounds good

e. I am sorry I can’t

55.  Vina           : Please, come to my house this weekend.

Tina : …. I have to prepare my English test.

a. I shall go

b. It sounds great

c. I am afraid I can’t

d. That would be nice

e. That’s very kind of you

56.  Boy            : Ani, what would you do if you received a gift from me?

Ani            : I would … if I … a gift from you.

a. buy ; receive

b. thank you ; received

c. receive it ; accept

d. buy ; accept

e. sold – got

57.  Receptionist          : “Sederhana” Padang Restaurant, good afternoon.

Caller                    : Afternoon, …?

Receptionist         : Let me check first, Sir. I think you can take a table for two but it’s the VIP Room.

Caller                    : It’s okay.

a. is there a table for two

b. would you reserve a table for two

c. should I reserve a table for lunch

d. could I reserve a table for two for lunch

e. have you reserved a table for lunch

58.   Lilis           : Wahyu, I am hungry . I’ll go to the cafetaria.

Hendro     : What did Lilis tell you?

Wahyu      : ….

a. She told me she was hungry and I would go to the cafetaria

b. I told you that I was hungry and would go to the cafetaria

c. She told me that she was hungry and she would go to cafetaria

d. I told you that I was hungry and I would go to cafetaria

e. She told me that she is hungry and she would go to cafeteria

59.  Rina           : May I go to Sanur beach, Mom?

Mother      : Yes, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Rina          : Thanks, Mom.

From the dialogue above, we know that mother … Rina to go to Sanur beach.

a. allows                           b. orders                      c. forbids                     d. avoids                      e. stops

60.  Abu            : Excuse me, is there a chance for me to have my saving book now?

Ali             : Oh, I’m sorry. You can’t have it now.

The underlined sentence expresses ….

a. impossibility                  b. uncertainty              c. inability        d. displeasure              e. dissatisfaction



Written by  Mr. Rahmat


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