Rahmat Kurniawan on DISCUSSION TEXT:
Its Purpose: to present information and opinions about issues in more one side of an issue (‘For/Pros’ and ‘Against/Cons’). It will be nice if we practice more in speaking, not just the theories. Like the BEC ‘ students.

A. Generic Structure:
1. Issue
2. Arguments for and against
3. Conclusion
B. Language Features:
1. Using Simple Present Tense
2. Use of relating verb/to be
3. Using thinking verb
4. Using general and abstract noun
5. Using conjunction/transition
6. Using modality
7. Using adverb of manner

C. Example:

The pros and cons on anti smoking law or “smoking is forbidden” is still being discussed in our country. The issue is not new. It is only a small part of the anti-smoking wave which has been promoted for more than 50 years. Arguments for anti-smoking are abundant. Some of them such as: smoking is a slow suicide and makes other people passive smokers who has same impacts in term of health.
Furthermore smoking invites death and impotence, causing tuberculosis, lung damage, stomach injury, liver and heart damage and cancer. In social interaction, cigarettes make smoker smelly, weak, thin and poor. Moreover, cigarette smoke contains around 4,000 chemicals causing air pollution.
However, smokers have a self-defense argument. They say that smoking helps thinking, spurs creativity, calms the nerves, eliminates fatigue and grief, is social, invites chumminess and healthy emotions. Criticizing regulations, smokers argue that the anti-smoking law is unjust, inhumane, violates privacy, restricts expression and is discriminatory. The anti-smoking regulation is siding with one and denying the other at the same time. The two sides are equally strong. It is impossible to disregard either. Is smoking or not smoking a matter of personal choice?

Taken from The JP


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